UCI Connected: Gerald Parham

Name: Gerald Parham

Title: Director of Camp Program Development for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

Volunteer/Charity Organization Name: 100 Black Men of Orange County; BB Jazz; Advocates USA; CRU

How do you give back? Working with these organizations allows me the opportunity to share my gifts with those who do not have access to resources that can help them become the best they can be. The work I have done is varied and has included speaking engagements, teaching, mentoring and fundraising.

Tell us about why these causes matters to you: It’s really about living a life of service. My mother was very clear about appreciating what you have and sharing the blessing with others by giving back. These organizations have clear missions that ultimately benefit children and youth in our communities. I see my involvement as a way of making a difference in the lives of the youth that are engaged with these organizations and the communities they serve.

How can others get involved? I think anyone who has a heart for giving back already knows how to get involved with any number of groups, organizations or corporations. For those looking to get engaged, I’d say think about something you would enjoy doing and then find a group, organization or corporation that does that. Volunteering is something you can do on your time. I don’t know many organizations that have turned away free help! If you need more info, you can always ask me, or contact the volunteer center here on campus.


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