dce-buildingGary W. Matkin, dean, Division of Continuing Education (DCE), recently announced the opening of the unit’s new building on campus. The DCE’s facility enhances UCI’s current and future commitment to its graduates and members of the community through continuing education and lifelong learning.

“UCI’s DCE continues to build upon its mission of providing our adult and international students with preeminent educational opportunities,” said UCI Chancellor Howard Gillman. “Its long-standing legacy of serving the community is impressive and to see it grow with a new state-of-the-art space is a milestone for the University. The new building is sure to be renowned as iconic cultural center for our growing campus.”

With the new facility leading the way, this new era heralds the DCE’s stature as full service partner with the University’s Graduate Division, Division of Undergraduate Education, and Division of Teaching and Learning. This means shared resources among all four, a move that bodes well for future growth.

The 76,000 square foot five-story building, expected to receive the highest LEED certification (Platinum), has 23 classrooms accommodating 770 students. This includes a high-tech distance learning classroom, two computer classrooms, a large conference space, international teacher workplace, and an audio/video studio.

This is only the second on-campus continuing education building in the UC system and is designed to serve as an experimental station for new instructional technology and practices.

“This building is the culmination of more than five decades of UCI’s growth and achievement with its continuing education services,” said Matkin. “The elements incorporated within the design reflect our promise to providing our students with the opportunity to broaden their professional skills and knowledge, improving their futures.”

With its striking, distinctive profile and leading-edge technology, the building will serve a broad range of constituencies, including a large number of international students from over 80 countries, weaving their rich cultures into the fabric of the University.

“The scope of our influence on world education is enormous and growing every day, an amazing expression of UCI’s dedication to public service and the sharing of our knowledge base and pedagogy with the world,” Matkin said. “UCI is acknowledging the importance of the ’60 year curriculum’ — lifelong learning for everyone.”