UCI sociology professor Judith Stepan-Norris Steve Zylius/UCI

Dear Anteaters,

It has been nearly a year since UCI released its 2016 Strategic Plan, which was created through an extensive and widely inclusive process. Each of our academic and administrative units have now adapted their plans to coordinate with the campus plan, and our community is focused on implementation of the strategies. As we begin a new calendar year, I’m reminded that the Strategic Plan represents a shared vision, involving all of us, to advance our goals of improving society through globally preeminent research, life-enhancing discoveries, meaningful engagement with our community, and a world-class education for the most talented students, regardless of background. We must continue in 2017 to develop new partnerships, invest in research that matters, serve our community in impactful ways, and provide the best educational environment for each and every Anteater.

This year, we will continue to communicate our actual and targeted performance against our Strategic Plan goals, keeping us accountable and moving forward. We provided updates via our Progress Report last summer and are currently gathering data for inclusion in our next annual review due summer 2017. I encourage you to continue to review the metrics and share your thoughts to further participate in this ongoing process.


Judy Stepan-Norris
Vice Provost for Academic Planning