Ramona AgrelaWhat Will You ACHIEVE?

Now that most of our non-represented employees have had chance to log in to the new ACHIEVEonline application, it’s a good time for a brief recap of the ACHIEVE staff performance program.

Brief History of ACHIEVE

ACHIEVE was introduced in early 2017 and replaces traditional, annual performance reviews with quarterly, in-person check-in discussions that are designed to benefit both the employee and manager by being more casual, more frequent, more focused on coaching, and more focused on employee growth and development.

Quarterly check-in discussions focus on looking forward, rather than backward, which is another key difference between the ACHIEVE program and traditional, annual performance reviews. The ACHIEVE staff performance program also supports a workforce that is agile, performance driven, and engaged –three cornerstones of the ACHIEVE program.

Goal Setting 101

An important part of ACHIEVE is setting goals that are based on individual, department, unit/school, or organization strategic goals. Setting goals that align with higher organizational purposes gives each employee a more direct connection to end results and helps them realize their role and the importance of their work in moving UCI to even greater heights.

In Human Resources, we’ve become aware that some people are struggling with goal setting. To assist, we’ve created many tools that can be accessed by visiting the ACHIEVE Staff Performance Program web page. At this point in time, goal setting still a new concept, so we encourage employees – and their managers – to work together and practice with the process. It’s new for everyone and will take some time to optimize the effectiveness of goal setting.

Think about what you do in an average day. You’re probably (hopefully) working on tasks that bring you closer to some end result. Perhaps you are creating course schedules or organizing a conference or symposium or implementing a new safety or patient care procedure. That end result is your goal. Remember – in the ACHIEVEonline system, your manager is required to approve your goals, providing an additional opportunity for the two of you to discuss the goals you have identified.

While everyone gets used to this new process, we are suggesting that each employee set between one and five goals. If you’re up for it, learn about SMART goals. In addition to the one to five performance goals, medical center employees also have three individual CEMRP goals, and the ACHIEVEonline system accommodates these goals. While HR Connect will continue to be the system of record for CEMRP goals, including individual goals in quarterly check-in discussions will ensure progress.

Your Next Quarterly Check-In is January 2018

This month, November 2017, you should be entering your goals into ACHIEVEonline. Remember – ACHIEVEonline replaces the temporary PDF that was being used. No one should be using the PDF any longer.

In November and December, you work daily toward your goals. You can go into ACHIEVEonline as often as necessary to enter feedback on your goals and the discussion questions, add notes, etc. No later than December 31, you submit your self check-in.

In January, your manager will enter feedback on your goals and discussion questions, and then you and your manager will meet for your in-person quarterly check-in. You will review your progress towards goals, review both yours and your manager’s answers to the check-in questions, and set new goals – or extend current goals – for next quarter. And managers – this is the perfect time for you to coach your employees to maximize their success in the next quarter. At the conclusion of the quarter, no later than January 31, your manager will submit your final employee check-in.

Don’t Expect Perfection

No one is expected to be perfect – so discuss possible goals at your next one-on-one with your manager, and practice entering goals into ACHIEVEonline. If you have any problems, your HR Business Partner (HRBP), CPO or HR consultant can help. You can also email hr-performance@uci.edu.